18-55mm IS lens, Canon 80D, made with Luminar, Nature, Photography, Picfair, Six Word Saturday

Old Man of Coniston

ISO 640 f/10 1/800sec 20mm

Old Man Coniston, Lake District UK,

I walked up an October day.

Nice photo-op, about halfway up;

but the view from the top?

I just can’t really say because

it was cloud covered that day.


Added to Six Word Saturday. Picfair version here.



18 thoughts on “Old Man of Coniston

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  2. There must be a lot of room for some good shots in the Lake District. Trouble is I live in South East, London and it’s a long way away. I’d like to hit the area, but not in summer when it’s full of people. I prefer to hike alone and have the flexibility of taking “different” kinds of photos. Sometimes bad weather can produce some really good shots.


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