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52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 1

If you have been a visitor to my blog over the last several years you will know that while this blog is always about photography, it has also changed focus over time. Part of the reason why “journal” is included in the name of this blog is to reflect this space as a place where I keep track of my photography work.

My iPhone is an integral part of my camera gear, so this new 52-week smartphone challenge was intriguing to me, so I am going to give it a try. This week’s challenge is to take a self-portrait without showing your face. Here is mine, taken this morning:

ISO 32 f/2.2 29mm 1/100sec

I’m reflected here in a few ways. First, if you can’t find me, check outside, I might be there. Second, this has been edited in Luminar 3 which is my go-to editing software at this time. Third, see those birds? don’t they seem unusually large for the branches they are perched on? Equally as unusual is for me to take a photo with my phone in the landscape format. I thought this challenge might be a way to change my habits, alter my self-portrait if you will.

Your thoughts on the photo are welcome below. The link to the challenge is above, including the parameters and other such information.



13 thoughts on “52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 1

  1. What a fun challenge for you and a lovely picture. I too love the outdoors and am wondering how those large birds can be up on those branches!

    It’s fun to get to know you through your comments and challenges! Looking forward to next week.


  2. What a great self portrait! I did something like this, as in a self portrait that says something about me but without me in it and enjoyed the challenge. I like your shot, it reminded me of where we went walking this week, Ham Wall in Somerset, UK and watched the starling murmurations.


    • I’ve failed a bunch of different challenges, that’s all part of the process as far as I am concerned, and I find the failures as instructive as the successes. I saw this challenge just as I was in the process of thinking through what my vision for my blog was for 2020, so I can really relate to your comment. It’s going to be a busy year for me, so having a few things set out will hopefully keep my creative side motivated. Thanks for visiting Ingrid, it’s always nice to run into you πŸ™‚

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