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January Squares: Daydream on a Cloudy Day

Today’s forecast, England. It’s the stereotype, cloudy and overcast here today. So, I drug this photo out of the archives:

ISO 500 f/11 21mm 1/1250sec

Shot at Kirby Hall overlooking the land behind the house with my Canon 80D. The edit was done in Luminar. I first increased the luminance of the greens, yellows, and blues. Then increased the whites slider and the small details. The photo then has the Luminar look, Aetherial, applied with the soft focus and LUT mapping sliders decreased:

ISO 500 f/11 21mm 1/1250sec

The Instagram version is here:

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Daydreaming of sunny day. #januarylight

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A bit of bright sunlight for my day and my addition to Day 7 of January Squares.




12 thoughts on “January Squares: Daydream on a Cloudy Day

  1. This definitely looks like a place for daydreaming! I always enjoy seeing what you do with Luminar in your photos. (I have looked into getting that software, but can’t find out if my computer has the right specs!)


  2. Really is a wonderful shot. There is something about windows. I saw a similar shot of a window like this at Leeds Castle in Kent, just not as big.


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