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What I Am Working On: Little Used Sliders

Over this summer I had the opportunity to hike up to Kehlsteinhaus, or Eagle’s Nest, a Nazi-era building associated with Adolf Hitler, although apparently he was afraid of heights and hated the place.  Today it is a building you can tour and a restaurant. There are a couple different ways you can visit. We went early in the day and walked up. It’s tough if you decide to do it that way, wear hiking boots, monitor the weather, dress in layers, and bring food and water. I didn’t go into the building itself, I was there for the views:

ISO 250 f/11 18mm 1/320sec

I’ve edited this in Luminar.  The edits I will discuss below are a few that I don’t often do as part of my workflow:

ISO 250 f/11 18mm 1/320sec

The first was a custom white balance. I used the little eyedropper to find a neutral grey and clicked. I struggle with white balance sometimes, mostly because I don’t work with it a lot. I think that my camera does a pretty decent job most of the time. The other two filters that I used here were the dehaze and the polarizing filters. A lot of times, if a scene is hazy, I let it stay that way. I think that is just a matter of personal preference, haze either bothers you or it doesn’t and generally speaking, I fall into that second category.

Even though I am posting this, I don’t really feel like I am finished with this photo. I’m not completely satisfied with the edit and think I may prefer the original to the edit.  I’m going to let this sit, probably for months, then I’ll take another look and re-evaluate. That’s the beauty of digital, another version is always possible.

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Added to A Photo A Week Challenge, Opposite Weather, because man, is this photo the exact opposite of today’s very grey day!


16 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Little Used Sliders

  1. Your photos bring back lovely memories of a long, hot summer at Königsee. I struggle a bit with the white balance as well, interesting to follow your workflow.


  2. I like the edit. Either way, it is a beautiful photo. It is interesting to see what you do. I loved all of the photos I looked at today – a few of your other posts.

    Editing can be challenging. With photos I posted today, I used preset edits in Google Photos, rather than mess with editing software. So easy 😄


  3. I like the way removing most of the haze enlivens the distant wooded slope in the central area and the way the polarizing filter makes the sky more dramatic (and reminiscent of bokashi in Japanese prints).  Full disclosure: when I took landscape photos in ancient times (with the filters on camera lenses before they migrated to software tabs), I nearly always wanted the haze and polarizing filters.


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