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January Squares: Knowledge, A Light in the World

Work on one of my photography projects this week includes files I have from the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin. Books and manuscripts can serve several functions but one of these is a portal to the past. Take this for example:

ISO 320 f/2.2 4.15mm 1/17sec

It’s an illustration of an anteater found in a 17th Century Persian text called “History of the West Indies”. It’s adorable and the manuscript itself is beautiful, a real work of art. The gold tones in manuscripts like this have always reminded me of the way that I think of knowledge as light.

For this particular edit, I’ve increased the yellow and orange tones and added a vignette:

ISO 320 f/2.2 4.15mm 1/17sec

The original photo was taken with my iPhone and the edits are done in Luminar 3.

The Instagram version is here:


This is my entry to Day 9 of January Squares and also Tuesday Photo Challenge, Portal.



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