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What A View

This photo was taken from a window of St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall:

ISO 400 f/11 18mm 1/320 sec

Of all the castle’s we have been through, this was the one I could imagine living in. Believe it or not, it actually felt kind of homey to me, usually, I’m not a fan of a huge fan of castles other than to look through them.Β  It helped that it was a beautiful day. Really not typical British weather. I thought this terraced garden was quite beautiful too. When it came to editing though, I wanted to tone the image down a bit:

ISO 400 f/11 18mm 1/320 sec

The first step towards that was to drop the highlights, the whites and the blacks. I’ve added a custom preset look as well. It’s my homemade variation on a vintage look. I liked the effect it had on the green and blue tones in the image. The process of creating the vintage look I wrote about in this post.

This post was written as a response to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, A Room with a View. Your comments and questions are welcome below.




19 thoughts on “What A View

  1. I love Castles, can never get enough of visiting and imagine what life would have been like for it’s residents. I have visited St. Michael’s, the view from there is gorgeous. Love the photo.


  2. Oh Amy, what a beautiful view. And, I appreciate the tone down you did! Thank you for illustrating it, and so glad you captured it on such a clear and gorgeous day.

    Lovely to reconnect. I’ve been mostly off blogging recently. You are one of the people I want to stay in contact with!

    I hope you’re doing well! Blessings to you, Amy.


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