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What I Am Working On: Capturing the Action

Storm Ciara has been through our neighbourhood this past week. Lots of rain and high winds here. I’ve been doing my usual walking at times when things seem a bit settled. Even at those times, it has still been quite windy, leading to photos like this one:

ISO 25 f/2.2 4.15mm 1/1304sec

This file was shot with my iPhone in long exposure mode. I originally wrote about this technique and how to achieve it on my SE model of iPhone here.  I then edited this photo further in Hipstamatic:

ISO 25 f/2.2 4.15mm 1/1304sec

I have created a lot of similar variants of the landscape this week. Here is another from my Instagram:

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Bit Blowy. #stormciara #longexposure #hipstamatic

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On Sunday, there will be more in my weekly wrap-up, both “as-shot” and edited in various ways. I’ve had plenty of time to work on the editing while listening to the rain pound on the roof and the winds test the limits of the local trees. Your thoughts on my images are welcome in the comment section below.


Added to Tuesday Photo Challenge, Action.




8 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Capturing the Action

  1. Very nice shots. I too go on walks in the country, fortunately I live in a rural area I am not too far away from the countryside. But lately the weather is getting cold and the wind is in full force. Keep taking great shots and posting on your blog.


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