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What I Am Working On: Minor Edits

I took a tour last week of the Hungarian State Opera House. I had heard the interior of the building was beautiful and well worth seeing. That is correct:

ISO 1000 f/8 0.1 sec 18mm

My edits to the photo are a work in progress. At this point they include a crop, the removal or toning down of a few light reflections, and the use of a vignette placed on the column in the foreground:

ISO 1000 f/8 0.1 sec 18mm

The edit is a bit dark, and I haven’t fully decided if I am going to change that. The Opera House at that moment was very still on its upper levels, there were only people milling around where I was standing. I wanted the edit to reflect that quiet. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the edit in the comment section below.

The Opera House had its Opening Night on September 27, 1884. It is currently undergoing renovations but is still open for tours. I’ve added this post to A Photo a Week, Over 100 Years Old.



16 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Minor Edits

  1. The only change obvious to my old eyes is the welcome toning down of the bright spots on the lower right.

    I like the progression from the rather bright yellows in the foreground to the warm reddish browns in the middle distance to the mysterious darkness beyond the most distant arches.  I don’t see any need to make the image brighter or less contrasty.


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