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52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 9

For this week, the challenge is Mood. I went with an interpretation of the weather, which has been tough this month, and we are forecasted for another named storm to blow through this weekend. It’s been a windy month in the neighbourhood:

Long Exposure with Luminar

This photo was shot as a long exposure and then had the Luminar Look, Camden Fade added to it.  Feel free to leave a comment below.



10 thoughts on “52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 9

  1. Very interesting. I’ve only discovered the long exposure feature on my iPhone. I’m looking forward to trying it on moving water. For now I’ve been using the editing features that give a dramatic and vibrant feel.


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  3. I admire your ability to go outside and photograph the winter pavane.

            *Seen from Inside*
                    Swaying in the wind,
                    bare trees dance to Earth music
                    not heard thru the glass.


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