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52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 10

Technically, I’m a few days late with this week’s challenge, which has the theme of Hometown. It is a funny kind of theme for me because my entire adult life has been spent in a borrowed, ever-rotating, hometown. Right now it’s Cambridge, UK but that will be changing soon. It was my hometown for this past week though, so I shot this photo:

ISO 25 f/2.2 1/183 sec 4.2mm

Shot while out on a walk along the River Cam, on a windy but not rainy day. This photo was edited with Luminar 3. I’ve added my own custom vintage look to it and from there tweaked the shadows a bit more.

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13 thoughts on “52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 10

  1. Up until my first child was born in 1999, I have been a nomad, moving between various countries in the West Indies, and between various states and towns in the USA. I guess I’ve lived in Montgomery Township, New Jersey long enough to call it home.


    • My first was born right around the same time as yours. I had kind of thought we would settle on one place at that point, but life didn’t work out that way. I came to accept that my “home” was in fact where ever I was with my family.


  2. The challenge sounds fun and I like the enrichments you have the photo for hometown – it is Th e kind of photo that makes you wonder the story – boat owners and current events There


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