18-55mm IS lens, Canon 80D, Luminar, Photo Challenges, Photography, Squares

April Squares: Top Shots, The Stuff of Legends

ISO 400 f/11 1/1600sec 35mm

Day 20, find other responses here.

Date and Location of Photo: April 7, 2019 Tintagel. This shot taken near Tintagel Castle represents to me the beauty of the landscape in Cornwall. It’s easy to see why such a place inspired the legend of King Arthur.

Thoughts on the Edit: Taken with my larger camera, the original file is underexposed, so the first two steps were to bump up the exposure and then use the custom white balance eyedropper to make some basic corrections. The edit has the Luminar Look, Morning Fog, added to it.

April Squares, an Explanation:

When Becky announced that the April Squares theme was going to be “top”, I thought it over and then sent her a message, then pitched my idea. She was open to my theme within the theme and the result is my response to the April Squares challenge.

I move a lot and I have a move pending. I’ve lived here in England for about four years and will be heading to the United States. Exact dates to be determined, given the current world situation, details have yet to be worked out. My April Squares is a “top shots” reflection on the last four years. Each square represents some moment or place that was meaningful to me. They are in chronological order moving forward in time. I’m attempting to post every day. All photos will be edited in Luminar 3. I hope you enjoy following along, I’ve enjoyed the process of creating. Your comments and thoughts are welcome below.



17 thoughts on “April Squares: Top Shots, The Stuff of Legends

  1. Alli Templeton says:

    Hi Amy, I’m trying to get back into blogging again after most of the year in the blogging desert for all kinds of reasons. I knew this shot would have to be somewhere magical – it’s so beautiful. Sorry to hear you’re heading off our shores, but I hope when it happens that you’ll keep posting and stay in touch. All the best, and stay safe. 🙂


    • Hi Alli, So nice to have you visit. I really enjoyed your castle walk through Wales, and I am wondering how your Latin exam went?
      I probably will keep blogging regardless of the move. It’s a habit that started before my move here so…
      I hope you and your family are safe and well.
      Cheers, Amy

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alli Templeton says:

        Hi again Amy, please do stay in touch and I’d love to follow your blog and enjoy your superb photos. And good luck with the move.
        So glad you enjoyed the Wales walk. It was a very special adventure that I’ll remember for ever. The Latin exam -luckily – went very well and I got a Distinction, so all the hard grind paid off. Mind you, I’m probably a bit rusty now as so much else has happened, and I’ve been doing a module on Scottish Medieval and Early Modern History this year, so concentrating on other stuff. I expect the Latin would come back with a brush up though. We’re all OK, although fed up of all that’s going on. Hope you and yours are bearing up too and keeping safe. All the best, Amy. 🙂


      • Congratulations on your Distinction, it did seem like you put quite a bit of time and effort in, so I’m not surprised to hear that was the outcome. It probably would be the case of a bit of brushing up once you get back to it since I suspect it is a good foundation.
        We are all healthy and doing our best to stay that way both for ourselves and the community. Kind of the worst community project ever, even if it is also the most important one.
        Once this all passes, or at least improves, our move will get moving again until then we wait, I’m soooo good at that! *cackle and snort*

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      • Alli Templeton says:

        Thanks Amy. Hopefully a brush-up will do the trick. Glad to hear you and yours are well, but I agree it’s the worst community project ever. 2020 is not going to be remembered as a good year. Let me know how your move is going when things get back to normal at last. I know the feeling about being good at waiting. We’re all having to become adept at that now! 🙂


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