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Serengeti Morning

I was working on some of my Tanzania photos this past week as part of a project I’m putting together with my oldest child. One of our safari drives in the Serengeti was an early morning one that allowed me to take a few sunrise photos. I’ve never really taken a lot of sunrise photos and I think that shows when you compare them with other types of photos that I have taken. This file below though is one that I just revisited and reprocessed that I was pretty happy with:

ISO 2500 f/14 1/60sec 22mm

To me, one of the biggest challenges of sunrise photos is that the real thing is pretty spectacular and that can be hard to capture in camera. I’ll keep working at it though! This particular file was taken in December 2017 with a Canon 50D and a wide-angle lens. Another photo that I processed this week with the same set-up and for this same process I posted here.

Added to Lens Artist Photo Challenge, Morning. This made for a great challenge topic for me this week.



22 thoughts on “Serengeti Morning

  1. It’s a lovely image Amy! You cannot beat the sunrises in Africa – and because of the animals’ schedules it seems even those of us who really are not morning people (yes, I’m one of them) get to see many more than usual. It’s just a spectacular experience from start to finish.


  2. I think you’ve made a pretty good start with it there, and it’s a fantastic place to be taking sunrise photos in. I really understand what you’re saying though. Whenever I try to take one, the colors seem so much more vivid when they are coming into my eye, than through my camera lens. This photo is lovely.


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