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Horses by my House

Just a small tribute post to the horses that occupy the walking paths near my house. I’ll be honest, I’ve never enjoyed horseback riding, but I do enjoy seeing them out and about:


Bonus shot over on my Instagram feed:

Added to Tuesday Photo Challenge, Animals.

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15 thoughts on “Horses by my House

  1. You live in a lovely area! I too don’t care to ride horses, had a bad experience years ago but do enjoy watching them. Graceful and beautiful animals. Is that a church in the photo?


  2. I’m with you on riding. I fell from a horse that I lost control of when I was 12 and even thought I was made to go right back on I have never been back on a horse since. I agree, though that they are lovely to look at and whenever I see one I’m the first to snap a picture.


  3. The bay horse ( instagram photo and top left of the other photos) has a “quirk” bump . This is an interesting bone bump that indicates he is a very individual character. Linda Tellington Jones has a book of different facial features in horses and what it can tell you about them. My horse Biasini also has a quirk bump and he lives up to it for sure.


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