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52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 19

The challenge set for this week is Aging. It’s a beautiful time of year for that, with a lot of flowers blooming and then fading. This wisteria on the garden wall of a nearby neighbour is stunning. I take photos of it every year. It also smells wonderful. A close look though and you will see that parts of the blooms have begun to fade:

ISO 25 f/2.2 1/905sec 4.2mm

The photo has been cropped and had some luminance added. It has the Luminar Look, Aethereal added and set to 32%. Your thoughts and comments are welcome below.



13 thoughts on “52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 19

  1. Alli Templeton says:

    What a glorious blaze of purple, Amy, and a clever interpretation of the theme. It’s a beautiful shot, even with the first signs of aging. In a way it’s even better than how it would have looked in the full flush of youth, because it tells more of a story and pins it more to a specific time of year. I’ve always loved wisteria – in fact my last cottage was also covered in it. Fantastic. 🙂


    • I saw your photo for the challenge and the one of the fox as well, really nice. Thanks for that link to the article as well. In historic places around here, I think there is a recent surge in interesting in how the original landscape was made to look. It makes for some interesting social history, reflecting the people of the time.


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