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Plans for our move continue to go ahead. We are in the packing phase right at the moment, as you can tell from this collection of things just somewhat randomly sitting in the living room:

ISO 500 f/2.2 1/17sec 4.2mm

In addition to the random collection, I also shot the photo in a bit unbalanced way. Showing the off-kilter that is moving. The photo has the Luminar Look, Quay Desat, added to it.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome below.

This photo was shot for and in response too, Tuesday Photo Challenge, Return. Frank’s photo this week shows what will be another part of the move for me, a flight to the United States. But that is still to come, for now, it’s back to packing.



8 thoughts on “Packing

    • Thanks very much. Yes, you have guessed correctly, I have moved once every 3-5 years my entire adult life. It’s all work-related and I appreciate the opportunity, but the moving process itself is a bit stressful, so that’s what I was thinking about when I took this photo.

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  1. klara b says:

    omg! every 3-5 years on the move! wow, that is something (from the perspective of someone who considers her 6 moves in half a century a lot :-). nice composition.


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