Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be

It's not so much a question of where I'd rather be but that I'd rather be wherever that is with my camera. The photos in the gallery below are from my trip in December to Tanzania: I came home with a lot of photos, and I have been working on sorting and editing them. One of... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: A Tour Guide on Patrol with the Ducks

A few days ago I went looking for these guys: Only in real life, they looked like this: I was looking for them because week six on the Dogwood 52-week challenge is alternating rhythm, or to practice using light and dark to create depth and rhythm. Sunlight on the lake often creates harsh shadows which... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

Not too long ago I took part in a charity walk whose path toured the grounds of some of the colleges at Cambridge University that are normal shut to the public. There were a lot of beautiful buildings and gardens but at Corpus Christie College I was stuck by this scene of all the pedestrians... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

Layers is what Photoshop calls them. They are a helpful tool that I use to create my images.  I used layers in a few different ways as I was creating this image: This original looked like this: When using layers the first step I take is to duplicate the original layer.  I then begin my... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

In the morning, you can often find me outside.  I love being out in the light and quiet of the early part of the day.  I've just moved over this summer, and so my landscape has changed.  Meet one of my new neighbors: Between the two lakes I visit in the morning, there are five... Continue Reading →


An interesting thing about the Harris's Hawk is that they hunt in packs. This photo was taken at a falconry show at Leeds Castle.  For these birds, having a connection with a larger group makes hunting easier. I thinking blogging is similar, it's more rewarding when you are part of a larger community. Just this past... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

It's Spring time so it's time for chickens: Time for cute little faces like these: I love taking photos like these.  These particular chickens were hatched in a second grade classroom as part of a life cycles unit and were moved today to a farm.  They grow quickly, but for now they are fluffy and... Continue Reading →

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