Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!

In case you thought it was safe to leave the house, my teenager will tell you it's not: Pictured above, a dinosaur, not my teenager. This is the terrifying or hilarious sight that awaits you at the entrance of National Showcaves Centre for Wales. It kind of depends on how you feel about dinosaurs. As... Continue Reading →



Who do you see when you look at this photograph? I see a portrait of my youngest child.  I see that child has come back from a walk. Bringing evidence of the outdoors, flowers in this case.  The last few weeks it has been likely to be blackberries or an unripe apple fallen from the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

I had to smile when I saw this lollypop man outside his gingerbread house: This gingerbread house, done in graham crackers was part of an architecture unit done in school.  An example of the joy of learning. This particular photo brought me joy because it turned out well right out of the camera and did... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

A group of children wait for their shift during a hockey game at a community ice rink: Taking hockey photos can be a challenge.  In this case, there is a bit of a twist because it was also outdoors at night.  In order to get this photo I had to bump up my ISO to... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Transportation

I couldn't resist dragging this photo out of my albums when I saw that transportation was the theme this week at Where's my backpack? Recognize this car?  It the same type of car driven by the father in the movie A Christmas Story and is on display at the house which is now a tourist... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

My photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge put out by WordPress is actually a continuation of some work I have been doing this week.  I have been working on two assignments for my digital photography class.  One is on photojournalism the other with slow shutter speed.  When I blogged about photographs without a clear shot... Continue Reading →

Photojournalism Looks Away

Yet again today I am going to be posting a picture and asking you your opinion.  I did a photojournalism series for my photography class and this is a photo that did not make the cut: For this assignment I was to follow an event from beginning to end.  I chose hockey evaluations for my... Continue Reading →

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