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Wordless Wednesday: Read the Sign and it will be Fine

ISO 160 4.15mm f/2.2 1/35sec



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Wordless Wednesday: St Mary the Virgin, Fen Ditton

ISO 160 4.3mm f/8.0 1/200sec

St. Mary the Virgin in Fen Ditton.

A part of Wordless Wednesday and One Word Sunday, Blue.

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Happy Birthday St. Louis Missouri!

This photo was taken on June 6, 2014.

ISO 100 4.3 f/8.0 1/160sec

That year St. Louis was turning 250 years old. 256 cakes like this one were put out all over the city and surrounding area. Some of them are still on display, a current listing is here.  I’ll be honest, when I first heard this was going to be a thing, my reaction was something like…oh. Then I started seeing them around town. They really were works of art. I ended up with quite a little gallery of them. The one above was one of my favorites because of where and how it was placed. The St. Louis Art Museum is free and located in Forest Park. It’s a gem and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.  Here is my Luminar edited version of the original file:

ISO 100 4.3 f/8.0 1/160sec

The original photo was intended as a realistic snapshot. It was shot in the bright light of a St. Louis afternoon.  The edit has been given a bit of a bronze tone that I thought made the shadows look more interesting. I cropped it because I thought the original had a lot of not very interesting sky. I also removed the working crane.  I did try a crop that would straighten the photo but to my surprise, I thought it made the photo less interesting, so the tilt stayed.

I like this edit, but other than making an appearance here it will pretty much stay in my photo files as a memory of the fun little cakes that dotted St. Louis in 2014.  Do you like this edit? Has your town done something like this? I know there are several US cities that have done similar things. Your comments on the edit and community art projects are welcome below.


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Daffodil Variation from Color to Monochrome

The daffodil is my favorite flower:

ISO 2500 50mm f/11 1/100sec

Here devoid of color not texture:

ISO 2500 50mm f/11 1/100sec

Tell me your favorite, comment below.


Picfair version is here in black and white and here in color.

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Hidden in the photograph

The Alhambra is a sprawling architectural wonder. It’s beautiful, the buildings and the grounds. Full of little spots like this that are tucked away from view:

ISO 1600 10mm f/13 1/250sec

Wait, that photo doesn’t sell it? It was a tricky place to photograph. This particular courtyard was dark. The hazy overcast light of a rainy day wasn’t really doing me any favors either.  I took the photo anyway.  I had a feeling that I could create something that I liked.  Fast forward to this week, and here is what I have created:

ISO 1600 10mm f/13 1/250sec

When I originally looked at the file, I thought I would be sticking with the warm tones of the building. As it unfolded though, I ended up liking the cooler green tones. Another edit that I hadn’t originally considered was to take the already overexposed sky and overexpose it more, which lent an almost glow to the trees that I really liked.

I won’t mislead you, it took me a while and three editing software programs to get here. I started and ended in Lightroom. The first step in Lightroom was just to identify which file I liked the most in terms of composition. The winner got exported to Photoshop. When it comes to removing people, Photoshop healing tools remain my favorite over the ones that are in Lightroom. There were about six people in this photo that needed to go. From there, I have a Nik Analog Efex Pro* plug-in that I sometimes use when I want to get a film effect on my photographs. It was a good starting point in terms of getting the color cast and grain look that I wanted.  The file was then re-imported back to Lightroom for a few finishing touches, including a crop.

Whew, long journey. Totally worth it.

But what do you think? Do you like the edit? Have you ever edited something you really liked from a file that just seemed so-so? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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*So for a while, Nik Analog Pro had an older version that was available as a free download and that is the version I am using. The software has now been re-vamped and re-packaged and is available here. I do not own this version, so consider this link for your information only and not necessarily as a recommendation.


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In the Harbor

What can I tell you about this scene? Not a lot. It was taken in the harbor near Valletta in Malta. It’s a photo of three boats. I’m not even completely sure why I took the photo:

ISO 160 22mm f/22 1/60sec

So that’s not completely true, the scene appealed to me, I liked all the blues and the greys. I liked the uniform appearance of the boats. When I went to edit it, I went for a vintage looked. I darkened the sky and boosted the green tones:

ISO 160 22mm f/22 1/60sec

What will I do with this image? I don’t know, beyond keeping it just because I like it. What do you think of the edit? Do you sometimes keep images that you just like even if they have no other real use?  Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Postcard from Here

I enjoy being outside. I take my camera with me to help me think about what I am seeing, it helps me to really be wherever I am and not just plodding along.  A recent outing took me to St. Ives, and I have created these images from that day:

ISO 200 4.3mm f/2.7

ISO 160 11.1mm f/5.0 1/200sec

ISO 200 6.22mm f/2.5 1/200sec

I shot the images using my point and shoot, which I am sorry to say is having some trouble focusing these days. When I was walking I was thinking about creating a story or a postcard of everyday life. So when I went to edit the photos I settled on a series of edits and applied them identically to each of these photos. They have all been given a warm, vintage, slightly soft look. They were all taken on Sunday and are meant to conjure a sense of a walk with the purpose of just enjoying the walk.

Here is the postcard version:

The application of the same editing filters, I hope, helps the images hold together.

What do you think, does this look like an idyllic Sunday walk? Do you like the idea of having the photos all edited in the same manner?  Feel free to leave a comment below.


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