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Daily Record Weekly Wrap-up: Week 1

I’m pretty excited to start off a new series here on my blog. Posts in this series will be photos from the week before, roughly Friday through Friday. This, once a week, wrap-up post will publish on Sunday. The photos for this post will be in a gallery format, they will have all been taken on my phone. The captions on the photos will be an indication of the photo-editing software used to edit them, or simply “as shot” for those that are unedited.

Here is this week’s gallery:


Why am I doing this?

On one hand, this is an encouragement to myself to shoot daily and not to overthink what I am shooting. Most recently, I was influenced by this post to give this type of shooting a try; Otto writes often about the creative process, and I enjoy following along with his blog, a visit to his blog is well worth your time.

Writing a weekly wrap up with a gallery is a way for me to gather my thoughts on what has caught my attention in the previous week. It will be a way of filtering through what I am thinking about photographically. I’ll also be able to come back to these posts and look at what trends emerge over time.

This series of posts is also a forerunner of a 365 photo challenge for next year that I am considering undertaking on my Instagram feed. On that front, I am closely following Lisa at Northwest Frame of Mind who is in the process of a 365 photo challenge on her Instagram and writing a weekly wrap-up of how it is going on her blog. Sublime, is a word I would use to describe her photography, so maybe drop by and check her work out.

Ok, so what next?

First of all, as with all my posts, your comments are welcome. I appreciate your interaction with my work here on this blog.

Second, it is my intention to publish in this series on Sunday. Every Sunday that is possible. Looking at my year, I already know there are some weeks where I will not be close enough to my technology to make a post possible. In an effort to keep this project pleasant for myself, I won’t be attempting catch-up posts.

It’s my hope that we all will enjoy this new series! See you next week.


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What I Am Working On: File Handling

One of the things I like to do on this blog is show two versions of an image, one the original as shot file and the other once I have finished editing. Here is an unedited file from Monet’s Giverny gardens:

ISO 200 f/10 1/250sec 19mm

When I am working in Lightroom I use virtual copies.  It’s a nice feature that allows me that have more than one version without taking up a lot of space. Virtual copies are not yet a thing in Luminar 3.  So once I had this edit done:

ISO 200 f/10 1/250sec 19mm

I wanted a copy also of the original.  A search into how to get back to the original without losing my edits revealed nothing. So I signed into a community page for Luminar and asked my question there.  I got a workable answer pretty quickly. Basically, it is possible to go to the history panel, click back to the original, export the file, then reapply the edits. That’s what I’ll be using, at least until virtual copies become available on Luminar.

The edits I have applied include the sky filter, which I am thinking I may have applied a bit too strong, but what do you think? I’ve also used the crop, vignette, and eraser tools. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Added to January Colors and Letters, With the letter G.

Link to the software I am using, Luminar 3.