Thursday Doors: Stone Doorway

Having visited Plymouth Rock as a child, I was curious about visiting the town of Plymouth where the pilgrims departed from. Overall, it was less of a tourist trap than its American counterpart. One of the more charming parts of town was an Elizabethan Garden that was tucked off the main drag.  This first shot... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

I love technology, but only sometimes.  I think it would be accurate to call me a fair weather technology fan. This is especially true when it comes to social media.  I had been wondering for sometime, like ever since I signed up for an account, how to get my photos from Lightroom to Instagram. The... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

I went to an exhibit a few weeks ago that has then been lurking in my brain ever since. I will say upfront that I tend to shy away from contemporary art, but still, there I was in the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, wandering through the galleries.  I had not taken my camera, it... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

When I saw the theme for this week's photo challenge I thought, my life did not imitate art this week.  Instead, this is what my life looked like: That's me in my office, where I create my work, only work this week consisted of hours worth of attempting to get my new laptop set up... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

I was taking some photos of our Christmas tree and processing them in Aperture just for fun so: to you and yours!  This photo was taken with my point and shoot on the macro setting and then in Aperture I applied the vintage setting.  But that was yesterday, this week's photo challenge is all about... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

When it comes to photo editing, sometimes you have to be careful. While I do mean that you have to take care with your work, I also am talking about your time. Once you have started working on an image, when is it finished?  That is something that I find myself thinking about a lot.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Are you a robot nerd? I'm not, but I do have one living in my house so I am by extension.  If you read this blog regularly you have probably noticed that I have children.  One of them is on a FIRST Robotics team at the local high school.  Yesterday was kick-off for the build... Continue Reading →

Tinkering with my blog

If you are a blogger, how often do you find yourself tinkering with the layout of your blog?  I'd have to say that it something that I think about but rarely do.  Last  week was an exception though, I did change something.  Actually, I added something.  It's a visual widget and it is sitting on... Continue Reading →

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