Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Static, I think that is one word that comes to mind when describing a war monument. The Battle of Britain Monument is unusual in that it is dynamic.  Not only do the elements of the monument protrude in interesting ways, they do so at eye level.  It is a very interesting work to walk around.  It was... Continue Reading →


And now, a line from the Little Mermaid

I’d like to share this post featuring the writing of Theresa Barker and a photo of mine.
Cheers! Amy

Theresa Barker - Lab Notes

Photo by Maranto Photography is used by permission of the photographer, all rights reserved.Photo by Maranto Photography is used by permission of the photographer, all rights reserved.

One of the blogs I follow is Photography Journal Blog, where the blogger, Amy Maranto, posts the most amazing photographs.  She also generously provides information on how the photograph was created, sharing her knowledge with other photographers and image-creators.  The image above came from Amy’s blog.  Please take a look at Amy’s message in “About this post” at the end of my story!

In Search of Fairer Sights

She has traveled.  Though it is little known, the mermaid of Copenhagen, Den lille Havfrue, visited China in 2010.  She wishes to see the sights beyond her home location positioned on a rock near the promenade, but so far, Shanghai has been the only acquisition in her tourist portfolio.

It is a matter of some vexation.  She is considering placing an advertisement in a global publication…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

After a downpour it's hard to miss the shine of the sun. I got this photo after a fairly heavy rain.  The few raindrops left on the petals stand in contrast to the bright sun: I left the editing of this photo to a minimum.  Here is the original: The change here was done using... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry, that was my favorite math in high school, and it is also the topic of this week's photo challenge at WordPress.  I don't do a lot of architecture photography but this shot is a picture of a stairwell in the St. Louis Art Museum that caught my eye.  I think it fits for this... Continue Reading →

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