Weekly Photo Challenge: A Tour Guide on Patrol with the Ducks

A few days ago I went looking for these guys: Only in real life, they looked like this: I was looking for them because week six on the Dogwood 52-week challenge is alternating rhythm, or to practice using light and dark to create depth and rhythm. Sunlight on the lake often creates harsh shadows which... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

There is a story behind every photograph: In this case, it is a story of a young zebra napping near its mother: Then a car starts, and nap time is over: For this story, I have left the smaller images of the zebra composing himself in their original as-shot state. The two larger images I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

One of my favorite things about photo editing is that is fairly easy to create many variations on a single photograph. When processing my photos I create many versions, saving various edits along the way. For example, I started with this photograph: Created many including these below: Before settling on this one: This final version... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

When I set out to take photos, I often think first about which cameras I am going to take with me.  When the answer includes my Canon 50D, the next question is which lens to bring. For my trip to the Serengeti, the answer included my 70-200mm lens, which broadly speaking, was chosen to help me... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

The Colosseum in Rome is beautiful.  We walked through it, admiring it, amazed at how well it has weathered the years considering how long it has been a part of the landscape.  But it was a bit tough to photograph.  Of the photos I have edited so far, my favorite view is one that I... Continue Reading →

Compare and Contrast

A few weeks ago my point and shoot camera returned home, having been lent out for a few months. I have been spending time getting re-aquainted with it, specifically with the menu options. This past weekend I took it and my iPhone to the Science Museum in London.  With the point and shoot, I took... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

It's been a busy few weeks off my blog. I enjoyed my break but I am glad to be back. While I was gone, I went on a safari in Tanzania.  This is the first photo from that trip that I have edited: It's a Thomson's gazelle in Ngorongoro crater. It's fair to say that... Continue Reading →

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