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How did the robin know I was waiting for the cable guy?

Here is the robin in question:

ISO 400 75mm f/5 1/125

This photo is part of my ongoing tripod, remote shutter, experiment that I work on almost every morning. My other on-going project is getting the internet to work consistently.  So while waiting for this photo to happen I am also on the phone with a computer(!) attempting to fix the internet.  The upshot of the internet problem is that it isn’t working and I am now going to have to wait for a technician. Sigh, I am thinking, and I look out the window again.  That is when the robin lands.  The best photo of the morning is the one I inserted above.  For any of you photo geeks reading, any suggestions for tweaking my camera settings? I have done no post-editing on it yet.

A robin to boost my spirits as I sit in my “appointment window” and wonder, not for the first time, how much technology helps me and how much it just wastes my time, because certainly it does both.