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What I Am Working On: Whatever it is, It’s all at Home

I look through a fair number of blogs, most are in some way related to photography, but most photographers have other aspects of their lives. Ingrid, over at Live Laugh RV, posted about coffee cake and an eagle. I gave the coffee cake recipe a try, a photo of the result is below. The recipe is here.

ISO 100 f/2.2 1/33sec 4.2mm

Ingrid called her post the “Coffee Cake Debacle” and I could call this editing attempt a bit of a debacle as well. The photo has the Luminar Look, Food Photo Enhancer, added to it. With the look added, the edit was a mess, the little editing voice in my head going, “as if” to the original outcome. With the Clarity taken out and the Vignette tweaked, the edit was much better.

The coffee cake turned out quite nicely, I’ll be hanging on to the recipe.

The Instagram version is here:

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