I was out on a walk on Sunday which usually means I would have my Canon 50D with me. But the weather report and a look outside advised against it, so I left it at home.  However, at our starting point the weather took an unexpected turn for the better. I took my phone out... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

I love having flowers in the house. These however, had seen better days: No amount of new water in the vase was going to bring them back, but I still thought they would make a beautiful photo.  This version was created using the Nik collection, which is a set of plug-ins that are compatible with... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

While in theory I do love living in an area where there are four distinct seasons, I will admit that I often long for warmer weather during the winter.  So on a particularly cold day this past week, I headed to an indoor garden to take some photos: This is an Aphelandra, a version of... Continue Reading →

Found In Nature

Signs of Spring, you can find them here if you are looking hard enough.  I'm on the lookout, so I have noticed the increased number of birds that I can see outside my kitchen window in the morning.  This little sparrow really likes the cover of a pile of sticks we are collecting from a... Continue Reading →

A Window in the Ceiling

I know you would usually call a window in the ceiling a skylight, but it really just seemed like a window to me: This was a difficult shot for me to get and the first constraint was time.  I was on a tour of the Minnesota State Capitol, so I only had a few minutes... Continue Reading →

Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

In case you were wondering, hockey team evaluations start in just a few weeks.  So, my young player, who plays in the fall season (Sept-March) only, is back on the ice getting ready for the season: Because I knew I was shooting this photo with the theme of abstract in mind, I used a slow... Continue Reading →

Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Toys

Just for fun sometimes I like to pull out my kids toys and think of ways to shoot them.  I have never tried to then process them in black and white.  So, yesterday I tried just that.  Here is my favorite: It's a lone wolf lurking in my front yard.  For this photo I went... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Spot in the Neighborhood

This photo and post were inspired by Sonel who is hosting a weekly black and white photo challenge.  This week's topic is neighborhood. I took this photo at a park that is in my neighborhood: I love that our neighborhood has this green space.  I love even more that a lot of people use it.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Lost in the Details.  Any photographer will tell you that is easy to do when it comes to photography.  So interesting that it would be a challenge from WordPress.  There are all kinds of details to think about when it comes to photography.  I chose to focus on the details that you can get in... Continue Reading →

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