Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Just imagine, a sunny day in February in Paris, pretty sweet, particularly if you consider the lousy weather they have had there lately. But there I was, on a beautiful day: This color version is fairly close to the scene as shot.  I have cropped it a bit. When I was editing I was interested... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

Sometimes a photo challenge theme fits nicely into work that I have in progress.  This past weekend I was in London, in part to see Tower Bridge: Recently I purchased a new lens, it's a wide angle lens, 11-22mm, to complement my 50mm and 70-200mm lens.  I am thinking of using this lens mostly for landscapes.... Continue Reading →

When image editing runs amuck

I took some photos last week of a beautiful backlit wildflower.  That was the quick and easy part.  I am currently taking a photoshop class, so I have been busy editing everything.  When I took the photo, I had split toning in mind. Sonel hosts a weekly split toning challenge and the theme this week... Continue Reading →

Landscape Photograph

In my digital photography class we are covering landscape photography at the moment.  I also bought Photomatix this week.  What you get is this photo: I used a tripod to get the original  three photos that were shot in color.  I combined the images and put them in black and white in Photomatix.  Fun stuff!... Continue Reading →

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