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The Beautiful Normandy Coast

This photo was taken in Etretat:

ISO 200 10mm f/16 1/250sec

Perhaps it looks familiar? Its scenic white cliffs were subject matter for Impressionist painters including Claude Monet. It’s beautiful, you’ll be surprised to learn I took a lot of photos. When it came to looking through them and deciding what to edit first, I chose this photo, taken with a wide-angle lens that gives a good overall idea of what the area looks like.  Here is the photo as shot:

ISO 200 10mm f/16 1/250sec

I cropped the photo a bit and boosted some of the luminance sliders.  I’ve also sharpened it a bit. For this particular edit, I wanted to maintain a pretty realistic vision of the scene.  The one thing that didn’t come through in this photo was how windy it was.  There is a slight hint in the grasses in the lower left corner, but the water looks pretty calm.

What do you think of the edits? Do you think I have maintained a good feel of the original scene? Feel free to comment below.


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