Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

I am a bit of a history buff.  I enjoy thinking about how generations before me lived, which is why I was fascinated by the interior of this church: It's a reimagining of what the church would have looked like in 1520 : The church is part of St Fagans National Museum of History which... Continue Reading →


Stained Glass in Chicago

I was intrigued when I walked past The First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple and saw a series of stained glass windows at eye level.  This one in particular caught my eye, so I thought I would share it: The story here is that the third building this church had that was at this... Continue Reading →

Architecture in Black and White

This photo is another in the series I took last week for my digital photography class: This was originally shot in color, using a tripod.  I bracketed the exposure because it was so bright and I was hoping to catch some details in the windows.  I ended up liking it in black and white over... Continue Reading →

Photomatix and Architecture

Last week I was working on a architecture project for my digital photography class.  Here is a photo that I edited in Photomatix: The original image was handheld.  I bracketed the exposure -2 -1 0 because it was really bright out.  The sky was OK, but bright, which is one of the reasons I put... Continue Reading →

Church Organ

I took this photo as part of an architecture assignment I am working on in digital photography class: I shot this originally in color.  I used a tripod and bracketed the exposure.  It has been edited using Photomatix and then Aperture.  I liked the outcome in black and white over what I came up with... Continue Reading →

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