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I love/hate my photography club

I belong to a large camera club that is awesome, except for when it isn’t 🙂  Like when my photo gets a good review from the judge but then passed in the first round.  This was the fate of my entry last night:

A bit frustrating.  I like to go though, because there is always something new to be learned and I find that exciting.

Next week’s theme is architecture.  I am entering the photo below, but I know the competition will be tough.  I have seen some of the past winning images, and they are really something else.

ISO 200 f/7.1 1/450

This image was taken with my point and shoot in jpeg.  So, I didn’t have a heck of a lot to work with in post editing.  It is the Steam Clock in Vancouver.  Can you believe that my Canon 50D broke on a train ride across the Rockies to Vancouver?  I was too stunned to be heartbroken.

Anyway, about the post editing.  I use GIMP.  I really don’t have the whole dodge/burn thing down.  I have been trolling youtube for GIMP tutorials, but haven’t come across one yet on this particular topic that speaks to me.  If anyone else has a GIMP tutorial that they love, I would love the link.