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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

Sometimes when you visit a place, the ambience seems all wrong:

ISO 200 17mm f/5.6 1/1000

ISO 200 17mm f/5.6 1/1000

This is The Little Mermaid a nice statue in Copenhagen.  I just couldn’t help but feeling the background doesn’t fit the statue.  Instead of trying to edit out the background or make it more appealing, I decided to let it stand as a bit of statement on our modern world. We like to surround ourselves with beautiful things but industry is still required and is always lurking in the background.

The photo above I took with my point and shoot camera.  I then edited it in Lightroom.  I’ve applied a Nik filter for a photographic look and then I boosted the yellow and orange tones in Lightroom and added a vignette.  While I was visiting this statue I also posted a version taken with my phone to Instagram:

With this version, I boosted the blue tones.  Again, I chose to leave the industrial background in.

If you google The Little Mermaid, you will see lots of different interpretations, and a lot of them have the background fixed up in some way.  I have to admit that I had seen so many images like that that I was surprised when I saw the statue in person.  Has that ever happened to you? That the version of a place you have seen on-line looks nothing like what you see when you turn up?  What do you think of my versions? Feel free to leave a comment below.