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Now, the Next Step

I’ve been writing lately about a project I am working on for my Photoshop class. I’d like to thank everyone who has offered an opinion about my various creations.  Well, today I was in the print lab and created these:

ISO 100 7mm 0ev f/4 1/13

ISO 100 7mm 0ev f/4 1/13

Now the question is, which version of these various prints am I going to turn in? I have these out on my table and will be looking at them over the next few days to figure out what will be turned in and if any of them need to be printed again.  To add to the challenge, I have two different types of paper!

For the photo above I used my point and shoot, sometimes that small camera is the best for telling the story of my day.  Do you have a small camera that you carry everywhere?