50mm Lens, Animals, Birds, Canon 50D, Nature, Photo Editing, Photography

Having a foggy Monday?

Then here is a photo to go with your day:

ISO 640 50mm 0ev f/10 1/250

I took this photo near some bird feeders where this Downy Woodpecker was eating.  It was pretty foggy; I had my white balance set to shady in the hopes of keeping the feel of the fog.  The photo has been cropped in Aperture.  Then I increased the exposure slider a bit.  I also lightened just the woodpecker and sharpened the photo.


50mm Lens, Animals, Birds, Canon 50D, Nature, Photography

What I’m Thankful for (I’ll keep it simple)

Not only will I keep it simple, I’ll just base it on this photo:


First of all, I’m thankful for my husband.  He’s the one who rigged the bird feeders right out side of my office window.  Awesome no?

Second, to the birds that frequent my feeder all day while I’m working.  I just love that they stop by.

Third, for photography in black and white.  Also, color photography.  I also like mixing the two.  Fun, isn’t it?

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving! (yeah, about a month or so ago say all my Canadian friends!)

Birds, Canon 50D, Nature, Photo Editing, Photography


We have a couple of bird feeders outside of my office window because I enjoy watching them come and go.  Here is a photo I took the other day:

ISO 400 50mm 1ev f/4 1/500

To get this photo I set up my camera with a remote shutter on a tripod and went back inside.  From my office window I could see when this Downy Woodpecker landed.  I was shooting bracketed exposures.  For this particular image I used Photomatix to combine them and then used one of the painterly settings because I thought that helped the bird stand out a bit from the background.