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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I took this picture at the Forest Park Balloon Festival.  I think it works with the theme silhouette, which is what is being covered this week at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

ISO 320 50mm -0.33ev f/13 1/400

This photo was taken just after 5pm when the balloons from the festival were taking off for the race portion of the event.  The sky had been pretty blah all day, but got nicer as the sun was going down.

In Aperture, I darkened the crowd a bit and sharpened the image to make the balloons stand out a bit more.  In the camera I had dropped the exposure a bit, because I preferred the way the sky turned out as compared to a 0 exposure.


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Crazy in the Garden

Just for fun I guess:

ISO 200 135mm f/6.3 1/15

I usually don’t get a chance to take photos in the evening.  I did tonight, so here is my favorite shot, taken in the flower beds.  Bonus points for you if you know what this serious looking man is a replica/reproduction of.  If you have a guess, leave it in the comments section 🙂