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Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

My photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge put out by WordPress is actually a continuation of some work I have been doing this week.  I have been working on two assignments for my digital photography class.  One is on photojournalism the other with slow shutter speed.  When I blogged about photographs without a clear shot of the subject’s face for my photojournalism assignment, one conversation that evolved was the crowd at a sporting event.  There is no crowd at this sporting event unless you count the one on the ice:

ISO 100 f/3.5 1/25 50mm

So there is my crowd, and I would like to thank Martin at Thoughts from Finchley for the inspiration, I have linked in a recent post of his that I enjoyed.

As for the shutter speed, I was playing with it while taking the photos that include the one above.  I will be blogging some other thoughts on slow shutter speed in the coming week.