Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

I'll admit I think slightly odd things at times. Like when I first saw this scene: All these beautiful planes looking out the window toward the airfield, like they would like to go out and play. So when I wanted to capture that thought, I went to the back of the hanger and shot out... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

I enjoy walking through graveyards, but that was not what I was doing this past week when I saw this grave marker: I was walking through a garden at the time, and this grave marker just happened to be in it.  I was happy to have my longer lens with me so as not to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv starts with R

I have been in Utah for a few weeks.  One thing Utah has in abundance is beautiful red rocks: I took this photo at about 6:30am at Bryce Canyon National Park as the sun was starting to work it's way through the rocks.  I used an f-stop of f/16 because I wanted to show detail... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Big

I visited the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden over the summer and like everyone else took a picture of the sculpture Spoonbridge and Cherry: Given the size of the sculpture, there are many different ways you could shoot it.  When I was shooting, there were a lot of people milling around so that was a factor in the... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Architecture

If you are ever in St. Paul Minnesota, stop by the state capitol and take the tour. Don't forget your camera because, weather permitting, the tour goes out on the roof: The view of St. Paul is wonderful and you can take a photo of this gold leaf statue that is on the roof of... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Sculpture

Sculpture is theme at Where's My backpack? this week.  This is one of those themes that at first I was thinking that I didn't have anything, but once I took a look through my archives I realized that I had more than I thought.  I decided to go with this photo in honor of the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

I went biking this past weekend and was thinking about this week's photo challenge, escape.  I guess going biking was a way of escaping the housework.  Maybe this sounds crazy, but I think both being outside and cleaning the house are necessary things that I don't want to escape.  Then I biked past this flower... Continue Reading →

When Nature gives you a Pattern, Wear It

I recently finished a series of 10 images for a photography class I was taking.  All of the images are of birds.  Here is a Eurasian Eagle-Owl: The pattern of feathers help the owl blend in with its surroundings. For this particular series of photos, I rented a 70-300mm lens.  I did also use a... Continue Reading →

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