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Travel Theme: Spooky

I could not pass up this week’s theme, spooky.  A lot of pre-Halloween fun going on over at Where’s my backpack, so I thought I would join in.  This past week in my Digital Photography class we have been working on night photography so a bunch of my posts in the near future will have that as a theme.  Here is my spooky night photo taken this past week:

ISO 160 f/18 18s 0ev 50mm

It was lurking in my front garden! This photo was taken at 6:13am using a tripod, flashlight, and laser pointer.



50mm Lens, Canon 50D, Photo Editing, Photography

Portraits in Digital Photography Class

This photo below I took for my digital photography class where we are working on artificial lighting and portraits.

ISO 3200 f/1.8 1/400 2ev 50mm

This photo was shot outside after dark using two flash lights for light.  In order to get detail I boosted the ISO and the exposure. Not a typical portrait, but we were encouraged to experiment a bit and come up with something different.