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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Kiss? as a photo challenge?  Don’t have a lot of photos that fit the bill for the WordPress challenge this week.  So I’ll stretch it a bit.  From my Valentine’s Day dinner out:

A very spicy fish dish and jasmine tea at Addie’s Thai House in St. Louis.  Great food,lovely night out.


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Food and Photography

I don’t usually photograph food, but I like to give it a try every once in awhile.  I think one of the reasons I never think to photograph food is that I am too busy making it and then getting everyone to the table to eat.  Not that it is all that difficult, but pulling out the camera would just be one more step.

One of the reasons I took these particular food photographs is that I got the recipe from a fellow blogger and I was thinking of writing about it. Judy writes a blog called petit4chocolatier that I look at a lot.  The link that I have included is to the recipe that I gave a try, Pecan Bourbon Breaded Sea Scallops.  One of the things that I enjoy about Judy’s blog is that she takes excellent photos of her creations.  There are several recipes that I have been wanting to try, but New Year’s Eve gave me the opportunity to try the scallops.

For our New Year’s Eve dinner, everyone in the family picked a dish to make.  So with my scallops we had crab cakes, sautéd little red potatoes, and cranberries.  Here are the photos of my scallops:

I have included a before and after the oven photo.  I tweaked the recipe in one way.  Instead of salt I used Old Bay; I do that a lot.  The scallops turned out really well.  I will be back to Judy’s blog for other recipes.  Next time I will try a dessert, the only question is which one….


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Sometimes You Share

In this case it was sharing even when you don’t really want to:

ISO 400 f/5.6 1/60 135mm

I can assure you that this prairie dog was not happy about the idea of having to share.


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It takes a village to get a tomato on a blog

I did not grow these tomatoes, that was the work of my neighbor.  Then she left town, leaving the tomatoes in my care.  So here they are on my blog:

ISO 100 50mm f/16 1/2

I set a custom white balance on this and used a tripod.  What do you think? would it make a good stock image?

As for the tomatoes, they will be for dinner.  This one plant that has been producing a crazy number of tomatoes.  So far enough for 4 families to share, that is a lot.

For my own personal notes, I started at a smaller f-stop number, but ended up liking the f/16 shots best.