What I Saw

Maybe this happens to you. You are looking at something and you see what is actually there, but in your mind you see something else. This happens to me a lot. When it comes to my photography it can create a bit of tension; part of me likes to record just the facts while another... Continue Reading →


Travel Theme: Illuminated

This week for the travel theme illuminated, you will have to humor me because the traveling I am talking about is in my mind.  I started a new semester this week, so here is my desk as I am trying to illuminate my mind with Photoshop: To take this image I used my Canon PowerShot.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue is Green

This panorama is the second of two that I created for my Photoshop class: In full size this is a 36"x 17" print.  I know there is a limit to what can be viewed here on the blog, so I have put it in my Flickr photo stream as well. Since the theme of the... Continue Reading →

Travel theme: Green

Green is the theme at Where's my backpack? this week and as of today I am still waiting for some green to turn up here, it has been grey and quite cold here lately. Inside our house is another story though.  My youngest is working on a science fair project, so we have some green sprouting... Continue Reading →

Single Fall Leaf

This past week I was working on a color assignment for my digital photography class as well as a natural symmetry themed contest.  This photo fits in both of those categories: I tried a bracketed exposure for this shot of -1,0,1 for editing in Photomatix.  Once I had put the photos in Photomatix, I picked... Continue Reading →

Award Winning Frog

This photo got an honorable mention in competition in at my camera club. Yippee!: The grumpy old men (as I call them) who often sit behind me at club meetings, grumbled that this photo was just good because I had a really big lens.  Actually, I do wish I had a really big lens, and... Continue Reading →

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