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What I Am Working On: Editing in Black and White

This week I was working on learning something new.

I began with this file:

ISO 200 22mm f/16 1/200sec

And a webinar that I was watching which is now archived here. The webinar is about creating a black and white image in Luminar.

Here is my black and white edit:

ISO 200 22mm f/16 1/200sec

No need to adjust your screen. No, I am not kidding about what I wrote above but yes, I am aware that is a color version of my photo.

I’ll take a couple of steps back. The first thing I did was crop the image a bit. Then I used the eraser tool to get rid of whatever that is in the lower left side of the image and a few of the people that were on the beach. I wanted to create a nice expansive space in the foreground of the photo.

Then, I was watching the webinar on creating a black and white image. Often times in black and white edits, you will have the option of putting a color filter on the image, it keeps the image black and white, but depending on the filter, different elements of the photo are accentuated. In this case, I kept it set at just a plain black and white, which makes the photo pretty flat.  Here is a screenshot of what that looked like:

This next screenshot shows that plus my next step which was to drag the luminance sliders around. Making the blue low and the yellow high created the deep blue tones while leaving the stones nice and monochrome:

I was pleased with the way this experiment turned out, but what do you think of the results? Feel free to leave a comment below.


Added to Tuesday Photo Challenge, Growth.

Picfair version here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

It’s been a busy few weeks off my blog. I enjoyed my break but I am glad to be back. While I was gone, I went on a safari in Tanzania.  This is the first photo from that trip that I have edited:

ISO 800 200mm f/9.0 1/1000

It’s a Thomson’s gazelle in Ngorongoro crater. It’s fair to say that this was a trip of a lifetime for me.  I think it’s also fair to say that I will be editing photos from this trip for awhile. This photo I straightened, did a levels adjustment, and sharpened a bit. It’s the latest addition to my Picfair portfolio.

I like to think that I am growing as a photographer and blogger. Over my break I changed  the theme of my blog. If you have a minute to give it the once over and let me know what you think, I’d appreciate that. My older theme was retired and I was actually having some trouble getting my posts to look how I wanted, hence the change.  Also, thanks to Jessie, I discovered a new photo challenge that I am going to give a try this year. I’ll probably incorporate most of those posts in with this weekly photo challenge, but it gives me something additional to think about as I am taking and editing photos.

I’m looking forward to another busy photography year. I do hope you will follow along.  Feel free to leave a comment about my photo or my blog’s new look in the comment section.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Growth is the theme for this week’s photo challenge by WordPress.  I went to my robin pictures for this one.  These birds grew so fast.  The first picture was taken on April 12, the second on April 23.  I think you will agree, the difference is incredible.

ISO 200 105mm f/7.1 1/100

ISO 200 90mm f/6.3 1/30