Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

The Colosseum in Rome is beautiful.  We walked through it, admiring it, amazed at how well it has weathered the years considering how long it has been a part of the landscape.  But it was a bit tough to photograph.  Of the photos I have edited so far, my favorite view is one that I... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

I'll admit I think slightly odd things at times. Like when I first saw this scene: All these beautiful planes looking out the window toward the airfield, like they would like to go out and play. So when I wanted to capture that thought, I went to the back of the hanger and shot out... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

One thing I love about rain is its ability to change the mood of a photo, adding interest almost immediately. I saw this scene and felt that the little bit of yellow would make an interesting contrast to the other earthier tones in the photograph. The yellow also lit up the raindrops a bit, helping... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

A few weeks ago I was standing at the end of Deal Pier as the sun was thinking about setting. It was a beautiful moment of contrasts.  The shadows were already leaving parts of the scene dark while the sun was intensely lighting other parts.  I knew that this was not going to turn out very... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

It's late winter here, what to me is the hardest time of year.  I had an unexpected day off in the form of a snow day this past week.  I was up early as usual, but didn't have to stick with my usual schedule.  I took advantage of this change by taking photos of the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

I enjoy walking through graveyards, but that was not what I was doing this past week when I saw this grave marker: I was walking through a garden at the time, and this grave marker just happened to be in it.  I was happy to have my longer lens with me so as not to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

This is a photo I created this week: It took quite a few steps to get there.  First was, of course, to pick up the camera and take a picture.  I was thinking this was a serene looking moment as the rest of my busy life swirled around.  I bracketed the photo as I was... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

This morning I was walking, and came across this sign: Only, it didn't look like that.  That is more what it looked like in a final version that existed in my head and was going to be put in this week's alphabet photo challenge. Here is what I actually saw: It was a cold and... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

Some of the most interesting and ornate patterns can be found in nature.  Every year, we have an interesting combination of man made structure and natural elements that comes together in our driveway.  As the leaves pile up on damp days, they leave an impression on the driveway.  It only lasts a few days, but... Continue Reading →

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