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Here and Now

I tend to take a camera with me everywhere I go, even if it is just my iPhone, because while I think you can come back to a place and photograph it many times, I also think that it will not ever be exactly the same.  While I was out running the other day, I saw this spiderweb and decided that if I did stop right then, I would never get this photo:

Morning scene, edited

ISO 25 4.15 f2.2 1/900

While you could make the argument that I will never be a better runner if I’m always stopping to look around, you’re right! I wouldn’t disagree.  But I also know that one of the reasons I run is to be present in the here and now, and that includes looking at my surroundings.

Now, before you get to thinking that I am some purist about photography, have a look at the actual original unedited photo:

Morning scene

ISO 25 4.15 f2.2 1/900

Can you tell I am sorry that summer is over? Sorry enough that I edited in some warmth.  In this case I used split-toning and added a copper tone to the shadows.  I also cropped and sharpened the image.  I’ve added a graduated filter, in this case from top to bottom, and a vignette to darken the corners.  While I did the cropping and sharpening in Photoshop, I did the other edits in Lightroom. I felt that the graduated filter was an important edit, that’s what brought a bit of texture and interest to the sky.

I was happy the graduated filter worked in part because I had used it recently when editing another photo and ended up removing the edit because it worked so poorly in that case.  As a result of that edit gone wrong, I had a bit of a discussion with another blogger about the use of that filter. I think with editing tools, sometimes you just have to try the edit and see if it works.  The results can be interesting, if not always what you wanted.  That’s what your digital trash can is for I think.  It was another blogger named Amy that I was talking with, and I’m including a link to a recent post of hers that I enjoyed. A version of this photo is available on Picfair.

What do you think of my edits? do you liked the warmed up version, or do you think I should just face facts and stick with the original? Do you sometimes have conversations with other people that influence what you are doing in your own work?  Feel free to comment below.