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Go Ahead, Label Me, Use the Type Tool to do it

Because there is a day for everything, today is International Label Day.  There is a little celebration in honor of this day going on over at Rarasaur.  When Rara contacted me a few weeks ago asking me if I’d like to participate, I made this labeled version of myself:

Basically I'm an introvert.

Basically I’m an introvert.

This is the same photo I use for my gravatar, I just added some text to it in Photoshop.  The original photo was taken by my Mom, and I scanned it into my computer a few years ago.

As for the text, I will tell you now that the text tool is probably my least favorite tool in Photoshop.  I think it is because I expect it to really sing and instead it has a frog in its throat.  I use this tool also in InDesign and Illustrator.  Because this tool was made to be used by designers I find the difficulties I have with it annoying.  That’s not to say that it doesn’t work, you can get what you want out of it, I just think it is pretty easy to mess up and have to re-do your work.

In this case, what I have done is not too complicated.  I did decide to make each of those lines of text a separate layer.  I did that so that I could move the text around easier, which was important because the texture of the sweater was problematic.  I also changed the color of the text a few times until I came up with a color that contrasted enough with the image.  My original choice of purple blended in with the background too much.  I then put a small stroke on each of the layers so that the text would stand out a bit more.

Do you have a feature of your favorite editing software that drives you nuts?  feel free to vent below.  Do you ever add text to your photos?

Happy International Label Day!