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Trying New Things on my iPhone

It came to my attention last week that on certain iPhones, the new operating system has a feature that will help create a long exposure photo. Well, consider me distracted by a new thing! After a bit of tinkering, I managed to get this photo:


I had done a bit of research on how to set things up and this article I found to be the most helpful. It’s an annoying site with a bunch of attempts to get you to sign up for things, but the article itself is good. One point mentioned that was not mentioned in other articles, is the bit about setting the timer. That’s an important step. The author also used a tripod. I do not use a tripod with my iPhone. My iPhone is my simpler camera, it’s the one that I don’t have all the gadgets and extras for, but that’s me, I can see where a tripod would be helpful for something like this.

Also, I would like to point out that all the articles stated that you had to have an iPhone 6 or better for this to work. It does also work on the iPhone SE.

Pretty excited about this feature! feel free to leave your thoughts below.