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St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin

This seagull seemed to be waiting for something:

ISO 800 f/11 1/125sec 18mm

I thought it was a nice scene, so I snapped the photo. In order to tell the story though, a crop was the much needed first edit. I’ve applied other edits as well, boosting shadows and luminance, but this is just a simple image, my memory of a walk in the park, so I’ve kept the edits simple as well:

ISO 800 f/11 1/125sec 18mm

Your thoughts on the scene are welcome below.


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18-55mm IS lens, Canon 80D, made with Luminar, One Word Sunday, Photo Editing, Photography

Made With Luminar: The Long Room

Today I was working with my files from the Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin:

ISO 2500 f/11 1/13 32mm

My interpretation:

ISO 2500 f/11 1/13 32mm

Luminar Look Applied: Road Trip Desaturated, filter set to 89% and the vignette edited.

The Made with Luminar Series

This image is part of a project I am calling Made with Luminar. What the images in this series have in common is the software used to edit them, Luminar 3. As with my usual blog posts particulars of the camera settings can be found in the caption below the image. The text of these posts includes the Luminar “Looks” that have been applied to the photo. Each look is a series of presets that are applied to the photo. Where applicable I will mention what changes I have made to any of the looks. A full explanation of looks is available here on their website, https://skylum.com/luminar/user-guides/chapter-14-working-with-luminar-looks

You can assume other edits have been applied. My most common edits are cropping, detail enhancement, and vignette. Specific questions or thoughts on the image are welcome in the comment section below.


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Detail in Dublin


ISO 800 f/11 1/100sec 18mm

Think they mind my circling path?

If they did, they didn’t say.

Snap and continue on my way.

ISO 800 f/11 1/250sec 39mm

Picfair version here.

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What I Am Working On: Building Blocks

Sometimes my process of creating an image can involve many steps. The first can be as simple as what is going on around me or what I might be looking at online. For this particular image, I pulled it out to work on because, as you will see in the link at the bottom, Tuesday’s Photo Challenge is stone. The photo Frank used in the prompt was shot in Ireland. So, I thought it would be interesting to also create a stone image from Ireland. Here is the image I started with:

ISO 3200 f/11 1/80sec 18mm

I liked this image because of the story I saw in it, and went about coaxing what I saw in it, out of it. What follows is a series of screenshots of the various stages of construction. First is the overall general edits:

Shows the first basic steps.

I adjusted the whites (up) and blacks (down), boosted the luminance of the reds, oranges, and yellows, then I sharpened a bit by increasing the small details.

The next layer, I labelled “Desaturation layer”. On this layer, using the HSL sliders, I removed the following colors: green, aqua, blue, purple, and magenta:

Where I remove most of the color.

For the final layer, I added my custom made look called “Amy Black and White Pinhole”:

In a minute I would add back in a hint of color.

I have a blog post about creating a saving a custom look here. Then I set about editing that look for this particular photograph, and the end result is this:

ISO 3200 f/11 1/80sec 18mm

I did things like adding the saturation of the reds and yellows back in. I’ve also tweaked the amount of the “Orton Effect” filter and set the vignette in a better way for this particular scene.

Writing out these steps has been an interesting experience as well. It has taken longer to do that then execute the steps, or at least it felt longer. Creating the image, in this case, was pretty simple because the final edit was something that I had already seen in my mind and I had a fairly decent idea of how I was going to go about getting it to emerge.

Thanks for reading this far. Feel free to leave and comment below. This photo has been added to Tuesday Photo Challenge, Stone. If you are like me and enjoy looking at stones, there is a camera installed at Stonehenge, I find it calming and visit a few times a week. The photo from this post was taken at Kilmainham Gaol, a prison in Dublin that is well worth touring.