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Where is your Focus?

I have a small point and shoot camera. It’s a nice camera but the one I am least likely to have with me. I almost always have my iPhone with me, and when I know I am going to be taking photos, I usually choose my Canon 50D over the Canon Powershot that is in the point and shoot range of cameras. A few weeks ago, I decided to make an effort to carry around the point and shoot more which is why I had it on a visit to the lake where I took this picture:

ISO 100 19mm f/5.6 1/200sec

I visit this lake a lot. As a result, those swans are seen frequently here on my blog and also my Instagram feed:

If you are a regular reader of this blog and are wondering about these swans, yes, this is the pair that had four cygnets this Spring. Unfortunately, all of them have now gone missing.  It’s sad, as they would have been too young to make it on their own.

This particular morning, in addition to having my least used camera, I was also thinking about a way to photograph the swans a bit differently.  The file above is what I came up with and this was the final edit:

ISO 100 19mm f/5.6 1/200sec

For the photo itself, I focused on the vegetation on the shore, which softens the focus of the birds on the lake. The thought I had in framing this shot was to have the plant seem to be pointing to the birds and leading your eye into the frame. The crop was to decrease the amount of vegetation on the far bank. I’ve also decreased the highlights, sharpened the photo, and added a vignette to darken the edges.

It’s a different photo for me, I tend to like everything in focus. What do you think of this interpretation of the swans? Feel free to leave a comment below.


Added to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Soft.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room to Roam

I was camping a few weekends ago and spotted this False Map Turtle:

ISO 100 8mm 0ev f/4.5 1/500

ISO 100 8mm 0ev f/4.5 1/500

Basking in the sun, which is an activity you are likely to find these turtles engaged in on rock outcroppings at lakes here in Missouri.  After a few minutes of posing for photos, he wandered off:

ISO 100 8mm 0ev f/4.5 1/400

ISO 100 8mm 0ev f/4.5 1/400

I was at the water’s edge with both my DSLR and point and shoot camera but reached for my point and shoot to get these photos.  I used my smaller camera because I really like the macro setting on it.  The other reason was that for the first photo I have my camera pretty much on the ground.  Getting a photo from that angle is just easier with a smaller camera.

Once I got home, I edited these photos in Photoshop.  I used a levels adjustment layer to get the color to be a bit more true to the actual coloring of the turtle.  The original images were a bit overexposed despite the low ISO and fast shutter speed.  The top image was also cropped a bit and both images were sharpened.

This post was written in part as a response to the theme room.  My favorite room? outdoors, where there is some room to roam.

I wrote a few weeks ago that I was a bit behind on my blog and that I was hoping to catch up soon.  I’m sorry to say that that hasn’t happened.  I’ve been under the weather for just over a week now, so I’m even more behind than before.  I’m happy to say though, that I am feeling better and am happy to publish this post after about a week off.

Thoughts on my turtle images? Do you have a favorite setting on your point and shoot camera? they seem to come with so many these days.

Cheers and good health to you!