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Just the Basics

And sometimes even that is too much to think about!  I’m thinking of the Far Side cartoon when the kid is asking to be excused from class because his brain is full.  That is what my life is like at the moment.  I am working on launching a website, so learning a lot of new stuff about that.  I’m also working with both my camera and editing software, so another huge pile of new things there.

About the camera.  I took it out this morning at about 6.  I’m trying to take advantage of two things, first the morning light, at this flower bed the sun hits by 6:30. Second, apparently I live on the sun because it was 82F/27C at 6am, it’s hot.  These are the best two images of the day. The first is using a 50mm lens the second a 28-135mm lens.  I will list the challenges of each under each photo.  Neither photo has had any post-editing.  I am hoping to get to that today and have a separate post about that.

ISO 100 50mm f/3.2 1/25

-Used a white balance card for this shot and liked the color much better than the AWB.

-Had trouble with focus on the center of the flower, next time try switching to manual focus.

-Liked the effect of slight underexposure, -0.3

ISO 100 135mm f/5.6 1/15

-Forgot that at 6am at f/5.6 there is not enough light.  Did not think to adjust the ISO higher than 100, will try to remember that for next time.

-This shot taken using manual focus, still not crazy about the results.  Since it is handheld, will try using the tripod next time.  Should probably also use live view and remote shutter, if I am taking out all my gadgets.

Had enough? me too!  Although, if you have any thoughts about the photos, feel free to leave a comment.



Canon Powershot ELPH 320 HS, Flowers, Nature, Photography

Learning the Ropes (Again!)

My point and shoot camera is dying.  It has been for awhile, but lately it has been worse.  So, I bought a new point and shoot with the thought that I would learn to use it before the old one dies completely.  The new one is a Canon Powershot ELPH.

ISO 100 4.3mm f/2.7 1/100

I like this shot, but I had several throw away shots, shots that I would have known how to take with the old camera. sigh.  I’ll adjust I guess, but not without acting like a cranky old person in the process 🙂