Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

It's been a busy week. Today it's back to England weather, but last week was gorgeous; my unprocessed photo folder overflows, a beautiful problem to have. This weekend included a walk with friends that went through a barley field: This panorama, taken on my iPhone, originally looked like this: The edited version was produced in... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

While walking this weekend, I came across this ram: Looks a bit forlorn don't you think?  He perked up a few minutes later though: Why? it wasn't because I told him how perfectly I thought his horns framed his face. No, it was because there was a working dog who was starting the process of... Continue Reading →


Who do you see when you look at this photograph? I see a portrait of my youngest child.  I see that child has come back from a walk. Bringing evidence of the outdoors, flowers in this case.  The last few weeks it has been likely to be blackberries or an unripe apple fallen from the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

Walking around the Wimpole Estate this weekend, I'll admit I was struck by the size and grandeur of the place, but I was more drawn to the details.  This clock was one of the many furnishings that caught my attention: Conveniently placed on a mantelpiece that had a mirror behind it, the photo shows some... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Editing photos can be a fun way of interpreting the earth around you. This photo is an image I created in Photoshop: The reality of what I saw was closer to this: The larger story was that I had gone to the park bench these flowers were growing next too because I thought it would... Continue Reading →

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