50mm Lens, Canon 50D, Childhood, Photography

Photojournalism Looks Away

Yet again today I am going to be posting a picture and asking you your opinion.  I did a photojournalism series for my photography class and this is a photo that did not make the cut:

ISO 1250 f/5 1/25 50mm

For this assignment I was to follow an event from beginning to end.  I chose hockey evaluations for my youngest child.  I had 600 original images. Then 400. I saved 80, from those I chose 30.  This photo is one of the 30, but I needed to have less than 20 for this assignment.  The final project has 17 images.  I wanted to include an image that gave the viewer the experience of waiting for ice time to start.  This was one that I took in that series.  Do you think it conveys what I intended? how do you feel in general about photos where you cannot see the subject’s face?