18-55mm IS lens, Canon 80D, Instagram, Luminar, Photo Editing, Squares

January Squares: A Light for Your Path

This photo was taken on a visit to the Luxembourg American Cemetery:

ISO 320 f/11 18mm 1/1250sec

I liked this image as a color image, but I was interested in making alterations to the color as a way of making the photo more impactful. This photo was shot with my Canon 80D which means that there is a lot of data there to work with. The edits I did are in Luminar:

ISO 320 f/11 18mm 1/1250sec

I started with the crop. This took a bit of fiddling, there were several decisions to be made in terms of what to include or exclude from this edit. I’ve then applied a look called Blue Sky, which is mostly black and white except for muted blue tones. In order to bring the gold back into the photo, I applied a mask and painted just the front of the grave marker. I’ll also mention that I did not apply a vignette to this particular edit which is unusual for me.

The Instagram version is here:

Added to January Squares, Day 20. I’ve also chosen the American holiday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to post this photo as a nod to choosing to do the right thing and to stand for others even at great personal cost.