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Travel Theme: International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day.  That is an interesting theme. I was a bit stumped on this one, but I thought of something eventually.  I ended up choosing two pictures:

It's a photo taken by my Mom.

It’s a photo taken by my Mom.

This photo I scanned and I use it as my gravatar.  My Mom took it.  She is gone now, but she was really computer literate.  It is a line of work she started in when computers were just really becoming fixtures in businesses and then homes.  In some ways, my Mom and I didn’t have that much in common, but I am thinking she would have loved this blog.

The second is this:

Taken on my iPhone, just for fun.

Taken on my iPhone, just for fun.

I love tea.  This photo was taken at the London Tea Room in St. Louis.  If you are in St. Louis and “need” tea, that’s the place to go.  Not only do I love tea, I love to share a cup with my girlfriends.  The venue doesn’t really matter, and a few of my friends don’t even like tea (mock horror), but for me it is the connection with my international collection of women friends who are sharing this journey with me that matters. A lot.


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The Photo My Mom Took

This one:

A picture of me taken by my Mom.  I was looking straight into the sun, hence the squint.  Although I do have to say that every picture of me before the age of five features ridiculous hair, or me making a funny face, or both.

My Mom gave me this photo in an album she made for me when I was 18 and leaving home.  Several years later she gave me my first digital camera, with which I took the world’s blurriest photos.  Digital cameras were a new thing at the time and my mom was into computers and related gadgets. I remember her first car phone, it required an antenna on her car and practically a suitcase for a carrying case.

This blog and my current photography “career” is just the latest version of myself.  My Mom was like that too, she changed careers several times over the course of my childhood.  It wasn’t always pretty.  I saw my mother triumph and fail, stand firm and second guess herself.  This was her gift to me, reinvention and life.

Thanks for that Mom, thanks for the photo too.

Love and Miss You.

Cheers!, particularly to all the Moms.